Documentary Series.

CYBERWAR investigates the geopolitics of hacking and surveillance. Host Ben Makuch travels the world to meet with hackers, government officials, and dissidents to uncover the inner workings of cyberwarfare.

Episodes produced by Dylan Reibling:

Season 1
Ep. 103: Cyber Mercenaries
Authoritarian regimes are using spyware tools bought from private companies in the West. Hacker Phineas Fisher targeted these companies to reveal their deals to suppress dissent.

Ep. 106: Stuxnet.
Stuxnet, a sophisticated cyber attack on an Iranian nuclear plant that may have changed the nature of warfare forever.

Ep. 107:  Hacking The Infrastructure. 
American infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to attacks as Iran ramps up offensive cyber operations.

Season 2
Ep. 203: Memetic Warfare
Ep. 205: Activists Monitored
Ep. 207: IoT Botnets