Documentary Series for VICE.

CYBERWAR investigates the geopolitics of hacking and surveillance. Host Ben Makuch travels the world to meet with hackers, government officials, and dissidents to uncover the inner workings of cyberwarfare.

Episodes produced and directed by Dylan Reibling:


Ep. 203: The Great Meme War 
Airdate: October 3, 2017 (Available in US here) 
Ben Makuch shows how memes are the Alt-Right’s most powerful weapon in America’s online culture war – reshaping the political and ideological landscape.  
Featuring: Cory Booker, Mike Cernovich, Baked Alaska, Chuck C. Johnson, Maj. Grubert.

Ep. 205: Activists vs. The Surveillance State
Airdate: October 24, 2017
Intelligence agencies partner with companies to spy on American citizens. But a few brave activists are risking it all to fight this growing cyber-surveillance industrial complex.
Featuring: Barrett Brown, Freddy Martinez, Jason Chaffetz, Nicole Ozer, Ryan Shapiro.

Ep. 207: The Internet of Things Apocalypse
Airdate: October 31, 2017
5 million new gadgets are connected to the net daily. Each one on your network is a potential doorway for hackers. Are the new smart devices worth the risk?
Featuring: Brian Krebs, Morgan Marquis-Boire, Ben Actis, Dan Geer, Damian Menscher.


Ep. 103: Cyber Mercenaries
Authoritarian regimes are using spyware tools bought from private companies in the West. Hacker Phineas Fisher targeted these companies to reveal their deals to suppress dissent.
Featuring: Phineas Fisher, Marietje Schaake, Edin Omanivic, 

Ep. 106: Stuxnet.
Stuxnet, a sophisticated cyber attack on an Iranian nuclear plant that may have changed the nature of warfare forever.
Featuring: Eric Chien, Kim Zetter, Darknet J, Jamal Abdi, James Acton.

Ep. 107:  Hacking The Infrastructure. 
American infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to attacks as Iran ramps up offensive cyber operations.
Featuring: Marty Edwards, Chris Kubecka, John Matherly.